Hack Haring Dog

Details of the work: Noting that many artists on the art market are frequently inspired by the same pop culture references, Raphael Federici’s sailor takes the reins. This work, dubbed “hack harring dog”, is one of his first detour, heralding the pop-revolution of the sailor who imposes himself and takes his place in a world filled with symbols, whose language he reappropriates. It’s his way of denouncing the overabundance of déjà-vu, while leaving his mark on a world that inspires him just as much. This work also embodies the symbolism of street art, which, through hijacking, is accustomed to appropriating territories of public space and playing with the codes of collective memory.

Catégorie :
Catégorie :


Médiums                      Peinture

Matériaux                    Acrylique

Dimensions                 H 100cm x L 100cm x P 5cm

Type de licence           Pas de licence / Tous droits réservés

Provenance                 France

Année de création.      2023

Droits de suite.             7%

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